If you’re running a business then you should also be running a blog. 

A recent study indicated that companies that provide regular blog content receive 97% more links to their website.

For companies that operate business-to-business, the stats are even more impressive, with those companies that incorporate a blog into their marketing and SEO strategy receiving 67% more leads compared to those that don’t.

Whether you want to create your own blog posts, or require the services of professional corporate blog writers to produce regular, quality content for your website, has you covered.

Regular SEO Optimised Fully Researched and Crafted Custom Article or Blog Post on Topic of Your Choice Based on Keyword Topic Group, Usually One of Your Products, Product Categories or Target Keywords

Blog Post or Article Typically 1000 to 2500 words

Content Sharing and Website Promotion Building High Quality Links to Increase Website Authority and Bring in More New Leads.

In-Depth Topic and Competitor Analysis

SEO Content Analysis of Top 20 Ranking Competitors

Grammar and Sentence Structures Checked in Grammarly Pro

Plagiarism Checked in Copyscape

  • Why High-Quality Blog Content Is Important?
    High-quality blog content is a way to engage with existing customers, a way to establish credibility in your specific field, a way to strengthen brand awareness, and a way to attract new visitors to your site.
  • What are the Benefits of Blogging?
    A regularly updated and well-written blog provides huge benefits to any company. It Improves Google Rankings, Client Engagement, Establishes Your Expertise, Improve Brand Awareness and Give Your Business An Authentic Voice.
  • Why Use Professional Blog Writers?
    Companies and individuals around the world are producing online content every day.

    It seems a simple enough thing to do – after all, it’s just talking about your business, your product, or your industry for a few hundred words.

    We understand the query but, like any aspect of your company, time spent blogging is time taken away from the fundamentals of your business.

    In the same way that you outsource your accounts to a professional, rather than taking the time to do them yourself, blogging is a task that requires a specific skillset, honed by years of experience.
  • What is a keyword topic?
    A keyword topic is a group of closely related keyword terms that people would search for when looking for your products or services.

    For each keyword core keyword topic, we would product one seo optimised high quality article and corresponding seo package (that we continue to promote on an ongoing basis as long as you have a valid subscription). The following month will produce a new articled and make the corresponding seo projects within the core keyword group.

    You can just let us know if you would like to have multiple keyword topics running or you would like to have multiple articles within one keyword topic running. We are completely flexible and you are free to change up as you like, just submit a support ticket.
  • How do I select my keyword topics?
    You can provide then for us, or 90% of our clients ask us to research and advise them, which, we can do in the first month instead of creating content. You will then have a bespoke content marketing plan based on professional analysis for your site.
  • I want more than 30 Articles and SEO Projects Per Month.
    If you want more than 30 articles and SEO Projects Per Month, just open a support ticket and we will create a bespoke package just for you!
  • When will I see results?
    Although every niche is different SEO is not like it was even a few years ago when you could put up low quality content and build spammy backlinks and rank number one on Google for your main keyword terms.

    Our experience suggests quality content with quality backlink building and outreach takes at least six to twelve months, but the results can be very good indeed, and tend to stick in the search results as well.
My website was vulnerable to those who seek to invade and I, fortunately, discovered the MyBlogPoster website. The team quickly secured me from the predators and suggested a few changes to my site. Frankly, my site was a bit drab and non-engaging so I had the team rebuild it and I couldn’t be happier. The site is now looking like it belongs in 2022 and is secure – very satisfied with the service and expertise. My business is relatively small but ticking along nicely with good activity from the contact form and turnover is increasing. MyBlogPoster now fully maintain my site and host it – highly recommend their services.

I can't say enough good things about MyBlogPoster. I've been working with MyBlogPoster for 2 years and they are the best in the business. They do excellent work at an unbelievable price and are always available to help with any problems that come up. I'm a small business owner, so I don't have a huge budget for my marketing needs, but I get more leads than ever before and I'm always happy to refer them to my friends for their website design needs.

Thanks entirely to the blog posts and SEO work by MyBlogPoster my site is able to rank organically for thousands of keywords and has been directly responsible for thousands and thousands worth of sales direct from my products and blog posts ranking highly in the search engine rankings for my target keyword terms. Thank you so much for your outstanding work.

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